normalement, il existe ceci :

mais moi je le retrouve plus....

donc apres 25 min de recherche, je trouve ceci :

                          +---------- RCA/composite ground

                          +--------- RCA/composite video
This circuit can be quite easily build inside a the S-video connector case if a physically small size 470 pF (ceramic) capacitor is used. Larger capacitor values will also work, but cause picture to become "softer". The voltage rating of capacitor can be 10V or more.

This circuit works in practice quite well even though the circuit operation is not ideal. This means that impedances and signal levels not matched exactly right, but near enough to work accetably. The picture quality you get from this circuit is is good, but not as good as with best possible composite video output circuitry.

Here is the pinout of the S-video connector shown from the end with the FEMALE PINS (picture is a view on the equipment back/front panel):

S-video DIN connector

1   Y ground
2   C ground
3   Y (luminance+sync)
4   C (crominance)

puis j'ai shématisé le mien :

et j'en ai fabriké ceci :



et... ca marche !!!!!

vive moi